Month: September 2013

London Part Two: Phantom and Food

We hopped- as a side note, this is not a common phrase in England for getting on/in a vehicle, I said this to a staff member at the Paddington Station who stare at me in confusion and then made fun of me for it, consider yourself warned.                 We hopped on the tour bus (perk […]

The Difference a Country Makes

I had already determine weren’t in “Kansas” anymore when we passed through security at Newark airport. No offense to my Yankee friends, but the security officers in Texas were so much nicer than those we experienced in New Jersey—airport was nicer too but I’ll delve into that in a different post. I had been warned […]

Shopping in Angers

Cow Heads, Taxidermy Foxes, Cheap Peaches, OH MY! The globby thing on the left is squid On our first Saturday in Angers, we attempted to rise early to partake in the weekly farmer’s market, which occurs quite literally outside of our door. Well the antique part does, and by antique I mean the random assortment […]

Life in Anjou

 (le chat above visits us almost every night via gutters) We live on a third floor apartment, which is nice because we are the only ones up here but at the same time not nice because the steps are uneven and every time I make it to the top of the staircase I feel entirely […]