Month: January 2014

The Pit Stops: Geneva and Lyon

So the last half of our trip needs a bit explaining, as it doesn’t make that much sense that we went to two different cities but only spent one night there. We had intended for Rome to be the end of our trip, however the train we needed to take was full for pass holders […]

Our Roman Adventure

Our Roman adventure started the night before we arrived as we took a sleeper train from Vienna to Rome. The equivalent of a hotel on a train, we had a deluxe double sleeper—the fancier cabin of the type I was trying to get because the others were all booked. This worked in our favor though, […]

Our Christmas in Vienna

Vienna was a third stop on the trip, and where we planned to spend a couple days so it was a bit more of a breather than the previous cities. We stayed at the Hotel Altstadt, which I will highly recommend to anyone staying in Vienna despite its interesting choice of modern art (poor Colton […]

Pear Turnovers

Whipped this recipe up back when I was living in San Marcos. I go through phases with my fruits and had apparently decided that I was over having raw pears (and had crescent rolls for some reason). 2-3 pears pealed and chopped3 tbsp butter melted1/4 cup sugar1/2 tbsp cinnamon1 can crescent rollsdash of nutmeg (optional)Heat […]