3 Tips for Picking Your Engagement Session Dress

Hello Dearies,

I get it, leading up to a session can cause some tension, especially when it comes to figuring out what to wear; So I’m sharing three things to look for when choosing your dress and five dresses to check out on Amazon.

Choose something that has shape

Your loose fitting tent dress may look great in person, but in photos, it may look more shapeless. Choose a dress that has a more defined waistline.

Choose something with movement

If you have to stand “just so” in a dress, it is not the one to wear to your session–let’s just avoid the words “body con” for now. Plus if it’s got some movement (can you swish the skirt?) it’ll give so much more variety in your photos.

Confident and Comfortable!

Of course, pick something that makes you feel confident and comfortable! If you’re self-conscious about your arms, go with sleeves and not sleeveless; don’t wear pastels if you feel washed out in them. Is there a color you just love to wear? Then go with that!

Happy dress hunting!

Bonus: 5 Great Dresses on Amazon

Don’t ya just love the convenience of Amazon? It kinda makes it a little too easy to order sometimes. Well, to make your dress shopping life a little easier too, here are 5 dresses you can find on Amazon that are great options to wear to your engagement session (all of these dresses are under $50).

Disclosure: I don’t own any of these dresses (yet–I’m eyeing that lace sleeve number in emerald green), but they all have 4 star reviews. Also, this post does contain affiliate links, I may receive compensation should you purchase from the link but it does not affect the cost for you.

Already mentioned this is on my shopping list, so you know I am a personal fan. I like that the sleeves are lace so it makes the dress seem lighter even being sleeved (’cause Texas).

So sweet and feminine, and definitely swishable! 

I have a convertible dress and its so fun and handy, but it does take some practice. Plus the length, nothing makes me happier than a dress that can touch the floor.

Perfect for a spring session with it’s light fabric and shoulder ruffles. Anyone else get some vintage vibes?

Comfortable and pretty, just be sure to go with a large floral print when picking yours out.


I own this one , so I can attest this skirt is actually much fuller than the images shows, and even with wearing it at my waist it dragged on the floor! Major swish factor which I loved. Plenty of color options too. 

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