Hello Dearies,

I’m Rebekah (but you can totally start the trend of calling me R.A.) I’m a native Texas girl who occasionally thinks she’s British, drinking her coffee with her pinky sticking up and saying “God save the Queen.” I’m a follower of Christ, a wife to Colton, a mother of boys, and owner of big dogs. I’m also a major nerd, with a background not in photography but in Biology and (wait for it) literature. When I’m not on an adventure with my family, or doing photography, I’m actively avoiding writing my novel.


He’s my heavy lifter, eye candy, and now second shooter! We’re a husband and wife team for wedding and event photography. When he’s not backing me up on wedding days, you can find Colton knee-deep in wetlands, wrestling with our son, geeking out over theology, or bringing me another hot beverage.