Ames is 6


You’re six! I know turning five is supposed to be the big deal, but frankly calling you six is much stranger. You are officially in big kid territory. 

You’re such a smart thing. Your daddy and I love watching your drive for nature and exploring. Currently you want to be a pilot when you grow up, but you spend most of the day hunting for black-headed pythons. We still argue over whether Killer Whales are whales or dolphins (they’re dolphins).

You definitely got your mother’s sass, and both of your parents flair for the dramatic. I’ll never forget how I told you to not touch the wall AKA don’t write on the wall with the marker, to only see you slap your marker-free hand on the wall, look me in the eye, and say, “Mom, I’m touching the wall.”

So here you are, exploring the world, with your own fashion flair of tie and bowtie.

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