Ames is 8

Hey Bud,


Eight seems like an awfully big number for one of my kids to be turning, but I guess that’s how time progresses.


You are tenacious, passionate, and so creative (please note your “shield” and the ax you created for this shoot). In true boy fashion, you favor intensity and destruction–every day you’re battling orcs because your favorite thing is a Lord of the Rings game on the IPAD. You’re also my raging extrovert, forever wanting to invite the neighbors, cousins, and friends to visit (or more often, go to their house because in such a pre-teen fashion, our house is not “cool”).


I wanna say thanks for being our guinea pig, letting mom and dad figure out our parenting. If your brother and sister have good parents, it’s because of you bud, as we figure out what’s not easy but rather what is best.


Love you,



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  • Oh, So Growing up… great pics, thanks for sharing 🥰


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