Ames is Five

Y’all, we have a five year old. That’s just weird. Not in the “how did my little baby get so old!” but just in the “it’s weird to say” kind of way.

We started celebrating a lil’ early with a trip to the movies; I miraculously did not cry during How To Train Your Dragon: Hidden World, but I refrained from wearing mascara to the theater just in case. He spent most of the movie curled up with one of his new dragons or the popcorn bucket–he also spent the entire TWENTY-THREE minutes of trailers (that’s a bit much people) saying “those aren’t dragons” to every movie preview.

Also, I got excited when we started photos because I randomly remembered his initials just happen to spell AMC, which my movie-loving self loved when we picked his name (a coincidence, not intended). I had completely forgotten the connect until we arrived downtown, so of course I had to nab a photo of him with “AMC” somewhere in the background

After the movie was Cheesecake Factory time, AKA four parents attempting to keep two squirrelly kiddos contained, not surprised they put us in the very, very far back booth, but we were determined cause the adults–kids, I mean kids–wanted cheesecake.

Happy birthday to our always–moving, bug obsessed, snuggly big boy.

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