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Rowan's Nine Months

Hey kiddo, I will I say thank you for not walking Thanksgiving. But if you could also get back to sleeping tonight that would be lovely.  You’re following in your big brother’s footsteps, or rather tastebuds; you already love the spicy foods like yellow curry rice and mommy’s chicken tortilla soup. We tackled your first […]

Rowan’s Seven-ish Month

Hey Row, Whelp, mommy did not get around to your seven month photos—October was crazy kiddo, tons of projects, the house in shambles, all that jazz. But this is fitting with you being the second child right? You’re probably wondering why I bothered to write this post, its because it would just bother me way […]

Rowan’s 6 Months

Rowan’s 6 Months

Hey Row, What in the world! Kid, you’re sleeping through the night! Out of nowhere you slept 11 hours straight and that was the normal for like a week and now who knows, teething perhaps? I swear I can feel every tooth in your bottom job and just assume they’ll all pop up at once. […]