DIY Father’s Day Tie

If you’re like me, you probably find holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day rather difficult when it comes to gifts that are unique and personable. Not to mention, if you have a little, figuring out ways to have them actually involved with the gift.
This year I came up with one that covers all territories, and odds are will become a repeat to see how much our little man has progressed over the years—particularly since Colton loves to wear ties.
And all you need are two supplies:
–Fabric markers
–Tie (white, or light color)
–preventative measures to save your furniture from your helper(s)
–masking tape to create a design on the tie
-If you’re planning on adding to symbol or design using the masking tape, cut it into the desire shape and place it on the tie.

-Lay out the tie on a flat surface and give your little one a fabric marker and let them go wild!
Note: Ames isn’t huge on coloring just yet, but once I should him he could “dot” with the markers then he was much more interested.

-Follow the directions of your markers for drying time, mine needed to dry flat for 24 hours
               Note: Ames’s attention span for this project was brief, so we completed over three days doing several “mini sessions” until I decided the tie was done.
–Wrap it up how you please and present it to your man!
I plan on doing this throughout the years to compare Ames’s progress, and will probably venture out to bow ties and scarves as well.


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