Evelyn’s 10 Months

Dear Miss Evelyn,


If you’re looking at these photos and wondering why you seem a bit perplexed, or dare I say, out of it–it’s because you (and your brothers) were coming off of a bout of strep throat. Oh, and you cut two teeth during this time, you’ll notice the drool on your lip and shirt in some photos. So it is understandable that you weren’t quite your perky self in these portraits.


But on the move you most certainly are–err, sort of. I have witnesses that will attest you crawled at church yesterday; it may have been a centimeter but limbs were moved and you were on all fours, so we’re counting it. I am not looking forward to the vigilance needed to keep you, Legos, and goldfish properly separated.


You are no longer the easy going, happy with anyone, little baby doll. In the words of Lady Catherine DeBourgh, you give your opinion decidedly for one so young. I foresee lots of *hmph* interesting events in your toddler future. Also, both Grandma and I agree you said “cat.”


The curls atop your head continue to amaze and enrapture all around you.





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