Evie One Month

Evie darling,

You’ve been here a month; it somehow feels like ages and only a day or two.

Not to give you a big head, but everyone raves about how beautiful you are, and so tiny–seriously, you made a woman in H-E-B cry when we popped in for some groceries after your first check-up.

Your brothers adore you. I’m curious to see how long Ames insists on calling you “girgules” (he came up with it before you were born, I think it’s a combination of “girl” and “giggles”). Rowan is quite possessive, shooing me away so he can have you to himself.

Thus far you’ve continue the trend of your other siblings in that you aren’t the greatest sleeper–in your defense, I think you’ve been contending with some reflux and I’m sure you’re tininess isn’t helping (We just stopped putting you in newborn footsies because you were too long). You appear to enjoy your carseat and traveling, do keep that up as we want to take you to meet your great grandmother in the coming months and its a bit of a drive.

Love always,


Had to have some helping hands, and of course a brother or two had to pop in…

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