Evie’s 2 Month Portraits

Hey Evie-bo-bevie,


Sorry girl, I promise you won’t get called that at some point but that’s just where we are right now.


You are, thankfully, over your acid reflux but girl can we stop the waking up every hour after 2 AM? And heads-up, you gotta start sleeping in your crib soon, ok? Momma’s gotta get a routine happening. And I don’t care that I said that with both your brothers, third time’s a charm right?


We just got back from The Reset Conference where we were genuinely asked if you were real; because there are these lifelike dolls newborn photographers use to practice and you were just so calm that people thought we might be walking around with a fake baby. Don’t worry, no one thought you were fake in the last session of each day, cute, but not fake.


You want to be in the room with people. You want to see them, you want them to talk to you—and you will talk right back. One of your favorite places in your play mat, I think because you can see what’s going on and Rowan will come hang out with you.


You’re doing great baby girl, and while I already miss how tiny you were, I can’t wait to watch you grow.






P.S. You love to chat and smile, so naturally you did not do that until I was done taking pictures

I’m always working to remove distractions in photos and often when I’m doing monthly pics of my kids, that includes my feet! But for once, I kinda liked how they looked in the photo, even though I am in dire need of a pedicure.

I slipped her headband off at the end and decided I needed just a couple with her hair unobscured. 

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