Evie’s 4 Month Portraits

Hey Baby Girl,

You’re taking a nap as I write this. You’re a pretty good sleeper–you’ve only been waking once or twice at night since you had your tongue and lip tie revision–except when you’re having a growth and teething, which you’re having right now. Naps are a different story, but we’ll get there.

You are still stopping crowds–seriously, when I check you in at the dentist for your procedure all the office staff stopped working to come to the window and coo at you.

And now you’re going mobile. Well, at least you’ve rolled over for the first time, and as the third child, no one was there to witness it. You’ve also discovered holding your feet, which this blog post provides ample examples of. Showers are your favorite, and your brothers still bring a big smile to your face; as does your toy unicorn which I tried to name Aerailia the Bright, but your father can’t remember the name so it keeps changing.

I think we’re going to start giving you purees soon. Goodness you’re growing up so fast yet are still such a sweet young thing–your changes are both fast and slow.

I’m just happy, no matter the difficulties, that I’m here to see it.




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