Evie’s 9 months

Dear Miss Evelyn,

I suppose it’s only appropriate, as the third child, I’m getting a bit behind on your blog posts. But I’m not going to dwell on that because they’re still happening!


It’s a coin toss if someone’s going to say your tiny or “gettin’ so big;” it seems every time I see a baby about your size, they turn out to be half you age. Which I’m fine with you being my petite chunky babe.


You’re not crawling yet, although you do somehow manage to scoot yourself around. Your priority is definitely food. At this point you’ve gotten your hands on the normal fairs, as well as crawfish tails and pizza crusts. And you already have a big girl water bottle because straws are no challenge to you.


What is a challenge is sleep, but in your defense, you seem to always have a new tooth coming in—and they take ages to pop through—or be contending with allergies from the latest front.


Your curls are as darling as ever, and your disposition is too, so long as you’re getting to watch people and people are watching you. You’re brothers have taken up the charge of entertaining you on drives, although Rowan doesn’t quite have the same energy for it as Ames.


You’ve taken to chabbering in the cutest ways, patting us on the back, and waving to people when it’s time to go. 


Excited to watch you grow little one,


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