Kiser Lifestyle Session

I was happy to capture Kate and Chris’s portraits, but let’s be honest, I was most excited for the dogs. I mean, can you blame me? Bruce and Clark are just the right amount of floof for incessant petting, plus Bruce had staring at the camera down (Clark just wanted a belly rub).

Oh, right, the humans. I’ve known Kate for ages thanks to a mutual friend, and I could tell her and her husband are the type of people you want to get to know better because they just have that essence of the right amount of fun. How could they not when they have a shower curtain in their guest bath that features a lumberjack arm wrestling a Grizzly bear? (or is he riding it? I’ve failed you all by not taking a picture of it)

Whatever is going on with the bear, these two were such fun and I can’t wait to hang out with their dogs—them, I mean them, again.

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