Ask a Friendor: Wedding Invitations with MAD Paperie

Hello Dearie,

I’m excited to launch my new blog series, Ask a Friendor. Now, what is a Friendor? I can’t claim its creation nor can I determine its origination, but I can share that it is a somewhat cheesy mash-up of friend and vendor. In this series, I interview various vendors I’ve had the pleasure of working with, sharing their advice with you to best help you throughout your wedding (or event!) planning process.

Seems fitting to start with one of my very first friendors–Michelle from MAD Paperie. Michelle makes beautiful stationary pieces and just happens to have a VERY similar background to me, which makes the fact that we’ve both pivoted our careers into the wedding industry that more interesting.

Tell us a bit about your background and life right now

Before this, I was actually a zookeeper- yes, really! I earned my BS in Animal Sciences and spent nearly 10 years caring for, training, and educating people about wildlife. After having my first kiddo, I decided the stay at home mom life was for me, while I finished my Master’s degree online.

Outside of designing and full time mommin’, I love baking cookies (and eating them), jogging (we call them stroller rides and my kids love them), and connecting with other small business owners.

How did you become a stationer?

After taking a course in marketing and design, I decided to give my secret dream to operate a stationery company a try. It was a total whim. I told my husband- “I’m just gonna try this and see what happens.”

Well, I’ve learned and grown so much, and I can’t wait to take it to the next level.

What services do you offer?

I provide custom and semi-custom stationery that allows people to connect through art and written word. My wedding invitations are truly unique to you and your big day- I create heirloom pieces that brides will cherish forever. I also offer day-of signage and goods for weddings (and other parties!), to allow for a cohesive and tailored event.

When should brides reach to out if they want custom invitations?

I recommend inquiring about invitations about 4-6 months before your wedding. Depending on the artwork and embellishments, the design process can take weeks and print can, as well. You want to send your invites about 2 months, maybe more, before the big day to give guests ample time to make arrangements and RSVP. The sooner we start the paper goods, the easier it is for everything to be polished and perfect.

What tip do you have for brides when it comes to picking out invitations?

Remember that invitations are just as important as every other aspect of your day. They set the mood and tone for the celebration to come, and they convey imperative information to the guests. Also, don’t be afraid to add those special touches. The bells and whistles- such as wax seals, envelope liners, calligraphy- all of those add up to make your day special. Of course, every bride has a different budget. Communication is important- let me know what you’d like, what your top dollar is, and let me work my magic to get you the very best option within your price range.

Where can brides find you?

Instagram: madpaperie

Facebook: madpaperie COMING SOON!

for semi-custom designs, visit her Etsy shop

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