Miss E is Two

Miss Ma’am!

You are the sassiest little bundle wrapped in curls and chubby cheeks, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

You are as likely to be carrying a pink unicorn, going shoe shopping, as you are to be wielding a sword and yelling a war cry.

I love having conversations with you–which is saying something given you’re just occasionally speaking two words together. I believe your favorites are “town” “‘day” (today) and “oh!”

Your brothers adore you while are also sometimes driven mad by your antics. I think both are relieved your Super Kitties obsession is lessening and you want to watch Spidey, or “man” as you call it, as much as them.

You rarely stopped moving as we took your photos–thank goodness blurry photos are in–the easiest way to get you to stay in one spot was to ask you to dance, I didn’t even need to turn on music. 

Love you baby,


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