Rowan 18 Months

Dear Row Row,

You’re at such a fun age. I think this time that you are just a toddler—or a taby as some say—is my favorite. You are full of personality, opinions, spunk, speed, and sweetness.

First as young as you are, it is so easy to communicate with you, most of the time. I swear you’ll be wanting to start school lessons of your own next year and will already be out of diapers.

Oh, and do forgive me for not capturing you at 15 months like we did with your brother. I suppose that is a factor in being the second born.

You think the sole purpose of laptops is to look at cows. I can cheer you out of a sully mood by offering to make tea. You are never more delighted than when you are running away with a cat in your arms. Speaking of running, you have two speeds—normal and “I shouldn’t be doing this”—you are a fast little bugger. And there is nothing cuter than you asking for cake, which has a slight Scottish sound when you say the word.

You adore your brother “Aim!” as you say. Watching you two say goodnight is one of my favorite things. Though it must be said that Da is your favorite person, you always ask for him first thing in the morning and only care for my attention over him if it is bedtime or I have a meeting.

Books are still your favorite thing and I hope it stays that way.

Love you always,


P.S. I’m afraid your portraits were cut short thanks to the visit of a certain unwelcome reptile of a venomous nature. Sorry mommy didn’t get any photos, I was a bit preoccupied.

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