Rowan is Two!

Dear Row-Row,


If someone asked me if it felt weird you now being two, I would say yes, because I feel like you should be older. Honestly, I think you should be more like three than two. You’re such a delight, too often your father and I have to stop and comment on your cuteness as you Naurto run out of the room. 


Speaking of your Dat-Dat, he is so happy you’ve taken to calling him that, I think he missed having a more unique moniker like when you’re brother called him Dee. Everyone may say you look like him, but you are decidedly my mini me–waking up and immediately requesting a shower, followed by requests for tea and coffee. Lately you’ve taken to offering your own prayer at bedtime (you do so enjoy praying), and about half the prayer is focused on bagels–whether an offering of thanks or a request, I haven’t determined.


It’s a treat to watch you interact with the world, from getting in your dino car “to get donuts”, or hearing your blossoming vocabulary– not long ago your constant question was, “what’s that momma?” but you’ve traded that for, “what is that called?”.


I’m soaking up the snuggles you’re so happy to give, and praying you’re ok with sharing when you’re little sister arrives.




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