Rowan’s 10 Months

Hey Rowan,

Could you get any cuter? You’ve learned to wave (with your right hand only, you barely do it with your left), and you have the biggest grin when you wave and someone waves back—you could not be prouder.

And you’re a rockstar at standing,  no walking yet but that’s ok with me. Even now, I look over to see you just picking up toys, standing on your own—maybe even taking some steps with a toy supporting you—and I can’t help but think, are you a baby anymore?

You still love food. At this point you’d rather we never give you a bottle or pouch of purée anymore.

We’re working on learning the word “no”. You usually respond with “ba”. Not sure if agreeing or trying to say “but….”

Don’t tell grandma but you’ve already gotten in trouble for biting. Apparently you never bite her, because of course you don’t.

It feels like you’ve been sick for two months now. Your brother, you, your cousins, y’all just keep passing colds back any forth. Please stop. But I think you’re finally getting over it. Keep it up kiddo.

I think we’re going to do your photos outside this month. Please don’t eat the leaves.



P.S. this is post is late because you SCRATCHED MY CORNEA, and of course it was my shooting eye so momma couldn’t take pictures.

Bonus: baby who was really over photos

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