Rowan’s 11 Months

Dear Rowan,

I miss having a baby, which is totally weird to say for a variety of reasons, including that you’re only 11 months, so ya know, still technically a baby.

But you don’t feel like one anymore! You’re so big, you’ve officially walked (although you stick to crawling for the speed), and you communicate so well (I am officially the crazy lady at the grocery store, asking the baby questions and genuinely expecting a response). Plus you seem to have that whole cause-and-effect thing worked out, or at least you’re trying to (stop throwing your food on the ground, it’s clearly not an accident, just you bring a sass monster).

Speaking of food, you’re a big fan. 90% of your problems are solved by having food. You also are into dance parties, and it makes my heart how much you enjoy books, especially BabyLits–thanks for supporting mommy’s need to buy those.

You’re going to be a big kid in no time, and despite my visions of you being the calm, behaved child, I foresee lots of trouble in my future.



P.S. you’ve started doing the snort thing you’re brother did when he was little, and you both smile like the Grinch sometimes.

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