Rowan’s 6 Months

Hey Row,

What in the world! Kid, you’re sleeping through the night! Out of nowhere you slept 11 hours straight and that was the normal for like a week and now who knows, teething perhaps?

I swear I can feel every tooth in your bottom job and just assume they’ll all pop up at once. I assume it’s teething, or a mental leap, or allergies, or all three are why you have started waking up once at night (which, compared to your brother—not complaining).

But your naps have become a complete guessing game. Will you be awake an hour? Two? Five?!

You’re eating solids and saying momma–which you were a bit of a punk and officially said it while we were driving home from the zoo and mommy cannot record your milestones on her phone when she’s driving down the interstate.

I’ve heard you’re filling out, which I suppose is true since we rarely hear “he’s so tiny!” anymore, and honestly, you’re rocking nine month onesies so the comments about you being teeny are probably gone. Which by the way, mildly obsessed with your thighs, you definitely got those from my side of the family.

You still adore your big brother (he feels the same), though its becoming a bit of a problem for traveling. Once upon a time, I’d plop you both in your carseats, we’d hit the road, and you’d fall asleep; but no more, besides the aforementioned I-have-no-idea-when-you-will-sleep issue, you squeal and chatter to get your brother’s attention even when I’ve informed him you need to sleep. Naturally, when this happens he turns and loudly informs you that you need to sleep.

I expect the next time I write you’ll be careening in a baby like fashion and I’ll be concluding that our home is in no way prepared for a mobile babe. At this point, I already don’t expect you to be in the same spot when I lay you down on your playmat 

Also the only time you do lay on your back is at the doctor’s, you seem perplexed by the situation, similarly to how you now are perplexed by my camera. Your brother on the other hand, will be interesting at your next appointment, I don’t think he’s forgiven the nurse for making you cry during your shots.

Your hair is still lovely and blond, and growing in humorously different lengths.



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