Rowan’s Five Months

Hey Ro,

I think we’re finally getting the hang of this whole external-to-the-womb thing kid.

You’ve finally learned that car rides mean sleep (although your z’s need to be a bit longer). You’re napping like a pro (although once again, please nap longer!). We’ve started solids and given the chunkiness of your thighs, I’m no longer concerned if you’re getting enough food.

But if you and your brother could agree to sleep until 7 AM, it would be much appreciated.

He’s still your favorite person—your big bro—when you’re in a bad mood all you have to do is look at him and everything’s peachy. He’s joined the wake up committee that greets you in your crib when you’re naps are over. He’s even learning how to hold you and feed you a bottle.

You both love Sesame Street, but let’s be real, I was supposed to be better with you and not let TV be a thing. I guess it’s better than your brother’s weird obsession with the Gilmore Girls theme song when he was your age.

Bath time with you is now as bad as the splash zone in Shamu Stadium, thankfully we keep your water warmer. You’re grabbing and chewing on everything, we can’t keep you on your back–you just flop over on your belly.

You’ve started mumbling when you’re fussy. If I’m not holding you, you fix me with your blue eyes and say “mum-mum” until I pick you up. 

Pretty sure you’ll be talking and crawling in no time at this rate.



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