Rowan’s Nine Months

Hey kiddo,

I will I say thank you for not walking Thanksgiving. But if you could also get back to sleeping tonight that would be lovely. 

You’re following in your big brother’s footsteps, or rather tastebuds; you already love the spicy foods like yellow curry rice and mommy’s chicken tortilla soup. We tackled your first road trip and airplane ride within two months; you got to go hang out in Virginia, see your aunt uncle and cousins before they move back. Not to mention you were a trooper  at the KJ Business Journey conference.

And yes, we still get stopped by people saying you are just the cutest.

90% of your problems can be solved by eating and you love making things crash. You already sound like you’re trying to talk, but currently snorting and smacking your lips are your favorite thing.

And of course, water, I mean I’m voice-to-text writing this from the bathroom while I watch you play.

Oh boy are you opinionated. You make yourself heard when you don’t like it, and how dare mommy leave you alone for one minute–or take away something you think is food.

Think we’ll be walking at Christmas? I’m already not putting up a normal tree because of you (and not lights outside because of the puppies)



P.S. Today you hit me in the nose with your noise maker, it may have made me bleed. Also, you have a funny way of crawling where you bring in at least one foot and we got it in one of the pics, as well as your daddy and brother helping because you won’t stay on the mat anymore.

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