The Boys’ Monster Birthday Party

After Ames was born I decided we weren’t going to throw any birthday parties until he asked for one. Took us seven years for our social boy to request one, and since Rowan’s birthday is just 10 days later, time for a classic joint b-day operation.

Ames was adamant about a Godzilla cake (well he was when the party planning started, and he changed his mind SEVERAL times before the day)–and since Rowan is crazy about Carnatorouses–but both were on a How to Train Your Dragon kick, a monster party was the plan!

I tried to keep things simple–a mentality hard to hold in a Pinterest world and being immersed in the event industry–but once the day came, I concluded ya only need two things: the right guests list and good food. Okay, yeah, I got a Godzilla photo backdrop because I have a homemade backdrop stand and couldn’t resist, but that was it!

Remember when people just blew out candles on a birthday cake and no one thought anything of it? What a time to be alive.

I concluded the most stressful part of this whole party thing is coordinating the double present opening time.

Classic “he looks so big!” mom thoughts happening on the left; he refused a new bike so this was apparently the only alternative on the right (I’ve concluded my boy mom approach is “no one’s going to the ER yet so…”).

An attempt at a photo with the birthday boys.

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  • Outstanding!!! What a day to remember… both/3 boys are so blessed to have a Dino Mum. Pics were fantastic. Real fall from Rowan??? Lol


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