Time to Spoil the Christmas Cards

Hopefully all of my Christmas cards have found their homes, because I’m about to spoil them big!


After capturing our family of 5 for last years card on a tripod, I immediately started making plans for our next session that did NOT involve me as the photographer.


I knew we were going for dramatic, with this private lake north of Weatherford as a backdrop. Morgan Gribble Photography did a stunning job with our portraits. I’m already planning multiple large prints and an album to display these beauties.


A tip for families choosing portrait outfits for their children: go used. The boys are both wearing clothes I bought at either JBF or Kid to Kid; Evelyn’s dress was a random Target clearance grab. Putting them in less expensive or secondhand pieces helps you as a parent relax a bit during the session: if it’s not new or expensive, you won’t mind them rolling around in the grass quite so much.

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