Wonderland Crew visits Boo at the Zoo // Fort Worth, Texas

I start planning our costumes after Christmas. By August, I’m in the physical construction process (or I’m supposed to be).

Do I feel a bit ridiculous for the amount of effort I put in for us to dress up for a few hours at the zoo? Yes. Do I regret it? Nope.

Biggest changes for this year were, of course, a fourth costume to make, and Ames now has an opinion on what we wear.

We bounced around three different ideas, but when we learned our Homeschool Coop has a dress-up day and it had to be book characters or historical figures (very homeschoolerish amiright?) I knew I was not makiing two costumes; so Alice in Wonderland was it! Not saying the other ideas ‘cause they may appear in the future.

If you’ve never been to Boo at the Zoo, step 1. Arrive early (or late, haven’t tried that yet) because the zoo will be packed and parking fills fast. I’d love to tell you all the fun shows and activities the Fort Worth Zoo puts on, but we do about 2 things—carnival games (get that candy!) and stingray cove. Also, take photos and mildly criticize other parents for not taking the opportunity to dress up.

Can I cheat and call these his seven month photos?

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