You Are A Princess, Act Like It

You’ve probably seen the T-shirts or Instagram posts, usually bedecked with flowers or a geometric design featuring pink, “I’m a princess, daughter of the Most High King”. It’s a good little pick me up, a pat on the back to help your mood, because who wants to frown when they’re rocking a crown?

Photo Credit: Randi Sanders

We need to take that statement further, because once you accept your lineage and take up the mantle of the King of Kings, you no longer represent yourself, you now represent His Kingdom.

You are a princess, act like it.

Depending on where you are in your walk that may be an instruction, a reminder, or reprimand.
You are a dignitary amongst foreigners, you should stand apart from the crowd. We have several romantic comedies to show that royals do not blend in seamlessly amongst commoners, for your ways and customs go with you always, to abandon them is to reject fealty to your King.

You will be heavily scrutinized in so many ways–your appearance, your words, your habits,  your associations; and most particularly those who want nothing to do with the life that you have chosen will take any chance or example to use against you and your Kingdom, so do not make it easy for them.

I know it is a hard command and a difficult position you have upon your shoulders, but you were never promised easiness when you accepted your place, for your eyes must be set upon something far greater and eternal.

Photo Credit: Randi Sanders

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