Lauren & Jason Park Engagement Session // Weatherford, TX

Colton and I loved getting to hang out with Lauren and Jason during their engagement session. If I’m around people who can also speak in movie references, I’m a happy girl. I also learned that I better watch my sarcasm, because at one point I told them they could do whatever they wanted in the background while I took a detail shot, like have a thumb war; I looked up from my camera only to see them actually having a thumb war, and yes, it made the blog. These two clearly love to have fun and it made it so easy to photograph them.


We met up at Holland Lake Park in Weatherford because of its variety in locations, but also because of its proximity to baseball fields–a sport that has played a pretty important part in their relationship: Jason proposed to Lauren after she performed God Bless America during a Texas Rangers game. So it’s fitting that halfway through their session we headed over to the fields for some baseball-themed photos.


I know we’re going to have a blast during their fall wedding at A&M Gardens, and in the meantime, I’m going to find a copy of the Sandlot.

When you tell the couple they can do whatever they want while you take a detail shot, like have a thumb war, and it ends up being super cute…

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