Mini Snow Shoot

Snow is for taking pictures, it just makes everything prettier (I think it’s the Lorelei Gilmore coming out in me). I’m not one to build snowmen, lay down for a snow angel, but I remember snow always made me pull out my lil’point and shot to take a few snaps.

Colton got me an Outlander Cloak from Linennaive for our anniversary and I’ve been wanting to do a shoot in it since it’s been in my possession. So I waited for it to warm up, yes this storm has been so crazy I deemed 18 degrees warm, then we sought out to make me look like a forlorn heroine escaping a ball. However some of these give me more of a “if red riding hood was the wolf” vibe.

Then I pretended it wasn’t cold and my shoot got disturbed by a horse.

Cloak: Linennaive

Hat: Amazon

Skirt: Amazon

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