Porras Family // Downtown Weatherford

This session was so much fun, like I don’t even want to write a decent intro because I just want you to get to the photos! Lindsey is a friend from my homeschool co-op, and wow was she prepared. Snacks, outfits, a vision, wagon (to hold the toddler naturally), she had it! Seriously, she picked such great areas for us to take their portraits in–those church doors, and the downtown Weatherford mural made great backdrops for their family portraits.


I thought it was brilliant she had her kids bring their roller blades, skateboard, and scooter for the latter half of the session–it fit perfectly with the mural and gave them an extra bit to be excited about during the session. Add in a balloon, and their now-two year old decided that maybe I wasn’t quite so bad. maybe.

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