Harjo Family Session // Fort Worth, Texas

You know 2020 has been a long year when you think you’re meeting someone after they’ve been married a year but no, you capture their elopement 7 months ago. Whew. 

I’ve known Kari for ages–best guess, I was 5 when I asked her if she wanted to be best friends in the fellowship hall of our Baptist church growing up, and now I’m getting to capture her and her beautiful family, in my favorite color scheme no less, and I love it.

Everyone was absolute troopers because it was chilly during this MORNING session (I give all the kudos to anyone who agrees to morning sessions and major kudos to those with kiddos). Everyone looked great (Kari, I’m gonna need the link for that dress and hatband), the kids had a great time exploring the park and obliged me with a smile or two, and no one fell in the lake. For a session with four kids 6 and under, I call that a win.

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