Sage and Justin Engaged // Lake Mineral Wells State Park

This session is a fantastic example of why engagement sessions are so important. When Sage reached out to me, we were about two months away from their wedding, and I was concerned she wouldn’t be interested in having their engagement session given the short time, so I am so glad she wanted a session. Why?


Because now, when Colton and I arrive for their wedding at Rest Yourself Ranch, we won’t be strangers, we’ll be new friends. We’ll know that Justin and Sage love to make each other laugh, that I won’t need to tell Justin to look at Sage–he already will be–and I don’t have to warn them about the weird things I do for the shot, because they’ve already seen me shoot through grass, stand in a tree, and nearly fall off a bench just to get the shot.


The sun may have refused to make an appearance, but with the dramatic cliff and lakeside options at Lake Mineral Wells State Park, these two did just fine and are ready to rock it on their wedding day!

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