Stuffed Mushrooms

So the problem with this recipe is that it’s fantastic, easy and quick so whenever I make it people want the recipe but it’s a family recipe. That means I learned to make them from Mom, which means I learned from multiple years of asking “does this look like enough?” when it came to mixing stuff. So do I know the exact amount of the ingredients? No. Does that mean you can’t make these yourself and they still turn out yummy? Not remotely.
These are from the first batch I made in France

Stuffed Mushrooms
·         Mushrooms (medium sized, I typically use Button mushrooms—ya know, the white ones at every grocery store)
·         Onion (I used white)
·         Celery
·         Bread
·         Seasoning mix (typically pepper and seasoning salt to taste, but since I married a Cajun we put Tony Chachere’s on everything)
·         Soy sauce
·         Butter
·         Cheese (optional)
1.       Wash mushrooms and separate caps from stems, but caps aside and dice up those stems, onions, and celery while you have a couple slices of bread toasting. Now when it comes to amounts it depends on how much you’re preparing, 1 average-sized carton of mushroom? I’d probably do a third-to-half of an onion, and one-three celery sticks (or leave out if you’re not a celery fan)
2.       Once everything’s chopped heat up a skillet (medium) and add a tablespoon (or more if needed) of butter and your chopped up veggies. Once the toast is crunchy and cool enough to handle, crumble it up (the smaller chunks the better) and add to the mixture.
3.       Add seasonings and soy sauce (how much you think is enough—don’t want the mixture to be dry, it needs some liquid but I don’t like to overdo it on the soy sauce).
4.       Set oven to 350
5.       Lower the temperature on your skillet and get out your baking sheet, greasing is optional but I always do just in case. Spread your mushroom caps out, with the inside facing up so they’re like a bowl.
6.       Fill with your mixture from the skillet. They’ll be overflowing with the stuffing so squish it in there but know that a lot will be sticking out of the caps. Top with some cheese if you wish (I’ve started putting a little cheese on top but this isn’t a part of the original recipe so leave it out and they’ll still taste great)
7.       Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes. Mushrooms should be rather soft to the touch, much darker and have plenty of liquid.

Enjoy! These are awesome fresh out of the oven and also do well as leftovers zapped in the microwave (if you manage to have any leftover—these rarely make it to the dinner table when we have them at Thanksgiving)

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