Brandon & Mishay’s Lakeside Bride and Groom Session // Possum Kingdom Lake, TX

Mishay and Brandon were married on Possum Kingdom Lake at the beginning of October. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to get all the portraits they wanted of themselves and their sweet toddler on the day–and with the original photographer not able to capture their Bride and Bride groom session before the foliage changed too much from their wedding day–they reached out to me.


We met at a lakeside rental Brandon’s family has been visiting for ages. As I drove up from Austin that morning, I prayed the Lord would bring out some sun at 4 pm so we could have some glorious golden hour glow for their shoot, and boy did He deliver! This place was so beautiful and relaxing, I might just rent it out next fall for my short sessions. Hot cocoa on the beach anyone?

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