Carly’s Bridals // Lonestar Mansion

When Carly and I were discussing different locations options for her bridal session, we chose her venue, The Lone Star Mansion in Burleson, Texas, because it was in February and there was no telling what the weather would be like. I’m so glad it’s what we chose, not just because the mansion space is beautiful, but because when I stepped outside at one point just to check how it felt, I made a very quick nope and went back in. It was sunny but the wind was cold and we all opted to stay inside where we were cozy.


Her gown from Bliss Bridal was stunning–I went into the session having no clue what she had chosen and it made the day extra exciting for me. We all had a grand time making ourselves at home in the Mansion. Besides myself and Ashley, my assistant, Carly had brought her mom, and her hype-woman/sister, so together it was a good little party cheering her on. And as you can see, she did amazing!


HAMU: Country Roots by Mandy

Flowers: Fountain Designs

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