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Advice from the Girl Who Tried on too Many Dresses

Something I tell all brides is that weddings—and wedding planning—are supposed to be fun, you’re supposed to enjoy it. Why? Because frankly there is a lot of pressure surrounding weddings. There is a whole industry built on the idea of your wedding being the literal Best. Day. Ever. Throw in some opinionated family members (cause… Continue reading Advice from the Girl Who Tried on too Many Dresses

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Why I Shoot at Sunrise

Something to take into account when scheduling a photography is time, particularly for photographers who work with natural light, like myself. Now a good photographer should constantly be learning and honing their craft so they can produce beautiful images no matter the time of day (I highly recommend Katelyn James’s Light and Location course for… Continue reading Why I Shoot at Sunrise

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2018: Looking Back

I’ve been thinking about writing a blog looking back at the past year and everything that’s happened—because I usually can’t remember what I’ve done the past week a stroll down memory lane might be nice. And after a holiday afternoon holiday nap (there’s just something about taking a nap when visiting the family during holidays,… Continue reading 2018: Looking Back