Crowd Funding your Photography

Photography is a luxury item–it’s not something fundamental to existence (but oh, it adds such a richness to life’s moment to have something tangible to look back on). Not to mention, if you’re wanting a professional photographer’s services, it’s usually when a major milestone is happening, like a wedding, graduation, a baby, etc. So you probably have multiple things you need to cover in your budget. Or maybe you’ve got everything covered but you’d love to do more, like have an album made or have a bridal session, etc.

What if there was a way for friends and family to gift funds for your photography? Well you probably know where this is going–there is.

There are a few different routes you can take. 

One can be going directly through your photographer. Ask them if they have gift certificates or system in place that would allow others to pay towards your experience with them (most have these established for portrait sessions but don’t be afraid to ask in regards to wedding or package add-ons).

You’ve probably heard of “‘Honey Funds”–a registry that contributes towards your honeymoon, why not make one for your wedding photography? Different registry services like Zola or PatchWork, allow you to create cash funds–you could designate the funds are going towards your wedding photography or a wedding album, and allow guests to help. Be sure to look at their process so you’re not surprised by any potential fees.

A registry site purely for photography is the Shutter Fund (formerly Photo Fund). You can either choose a photographer on the site or ask your preferred photographer to join. The funds from this registry go straight to the photographer you have a registry with, even if you don’t reach your financial goal–something to keep in mind.

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