How to Prep for a Newborn Lifestyle Session

Hello dearie,

Lifestyle newborn sessions are a great way to celebrate and document bringing your little one home. These are relaxed sessions in your own home, plenty of breaks to care for your little one. While I may give some direction when it comes to posing and placement, the emphasis throughout the session is on the natural interaction within your family. We’ll also be sure to capture the details you’ve put together in your home for the little one, whether it’s a full nursery or a little corner in your room.

Look for the Light

Turn the lights off and walk around your house, pull back curtains and open blinds–notice where the best light is? That’s where we’ll be capturing your session.

It’s doesn’t have to be spotless

Isn’t there a video of a “mom” sprinting around the house, cleaning to get ready for company and she tells the kids to throw their beds out because they didn’t make them and now there isn’t time? Yeah, don’t that. Focus more on decluttering rather than making it spotless (and look like no one lives there). Also, remember you only need to tidy up those spots with good lighting, not the whole house.

Remove distractions

Keep in mind, when you’re tidying up those locations, to remove any distracting pieces. If everything is nice and neutral but you have one really loud pillow (bright color, crazy patterns); now if it is supposed to be different from the rest, keep it, but if isn’t meant to be there, then let’s find that pillow a new home.

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