Planning a Wedding in a Pandemic

Hello Dearies,

This is for everyone in the wonderful limbo world of planning a wedding during COVID, but ya probably got that from the title. 

Whether you’re supposed to be getting married in a month, not for another year, or maybe you just got engaged and haven’t decided yet, my advice during this time is to step back and figure out what you really want on your wedding day.

Nothing brings out family politics like a wedding or having a baby, so now is the time to decide if you really like those favors or are you doing it because your great aunt Sally said you HAVE to give everyone white almonds (side note: you don’t have to do favors if you don’t want to!).

Do you want to escape all the madness and elope with just the two of you? And a officiant and photographer of course *wink*.

See more of Kari and Forrest’s elopement here

Maybe you reduce your original day, with just a few guests for a small affair; at an unusual venue perhaps? And maybe a large reception later on? (one of my favorite restaurants, Brewed, is now available for small weddings, just FYI).

Or you hold onto your original vision and push your date back for when things are just a wee bit more normal.

There is nothing wrong with changing your plans–the time leading up to your wedding should be a happy one so don’t be bound by preparations that aren’t what you really want. And if great aunt Sally gives you issues about the almonds, just say it’s because of COVID.




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