Should You Have an Engagement Session?

Hey Bride,

I’m going to do something I never do and give you a short answer. Should you have an engagement session?


Ok, now for my normal answer length.

Now, I would never force clients to have an engagement session, but I do think one has two important purposes, and guess what? The beautiful images aren’t either one of those, they’re a bonus.

First, it’s practice for your wedding day AKA the most photographed day of your life. A portrait session of just the two of you prior to your wedding day allows you to learn to be comfortable in front of the camera, learn your photographers cues, and style of guiding you through portraits.

It allows you to practice being in front of the camera in a relaxed fashion. No worrying about the timeline, or making sure you’re tucked away before the guests or groom arrives. 

Secondly, this is an opportunity to make sure you actually like your photographer. You need to know you enjoy their presence and personality. On the flip side, an engagement session might also tell you that your photographer is not a good fit. I firmly believe you NEED to enjoy being around your wedding photographer—we will be with you more on the wedding day than anyone else, privy to probably some of your most stressful and emotional moments of your life. 

So when inquiring with a photographer, think less “I’m hiring a vendor” and more “I want to be friends with this person.”

Because when you’re engagement session is over, we wanting you thinking “we should get coffee together” and not “I’m so glad that’s over.”

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