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Things No One Told Me About Being Pregnant, Labor, and Beyond

or The Alien Extraction: Bonus Features Things no one told me about being pregnant   There’s dozens of these post all over the internet (I’ve read my fair share), but here’s a few things about pregnancy, labor, and beyond that I didn’t know about Disclaimer: post may contain parenting advice from a 23 year-old who’s been […]

The Alien Extraction: Part III

The story’s not done until there’s a baby in the room. In order for the nurses to stay updated on their patients’ conditions, they periodically like to ask how intense the pain is, on a scale from 1 to 10. By nine PM, I was up to a 7. Now, I could have potentially have […]

The Alien Extraction Part II

The drive was uneventful. I spent most of it awkwardly lying in the back seat of Colton’s truck, and as the nurses had told me to keep my hips propped up and we had forgotten our pillows back in San Antonio, I was using various bags and jackets to support me. Colton drove the whole […]

The Alien Extraction Part I

It’s hard to believe it has nearly been two weeks since we had Ames. He’s 11 days old as I’m writing this, although for me it might as well be 12 days since I went into labor on Saturday morning. It had started rather simply. My sister texted me from her room across the hall, […]

Embracing the Bump

or Why I had a Baby Even When I Didn’t Want to. I wrote this blog in February, when I was nine months pregnant.  I’ve spent most of my pregnancy rather reluctant to discuss my pregnancy. It wasn’t too bad with strangers—their congratulations were generic and probably what I would say if I was in […]