Brooke and Jackson’s Winter Engagement Session // Kimbell Art Museum, Fort Worth

It is one of the biggest compliments to us when a friend of a past client–especially a bridesmaid of a past bride–reaches out, wanting to work with us. So I was thrilled when Brooke, a bridesmaid at Alyson & Dylan’s wedding, inquired about Colton and I photographing her spring wedding next year at Clark Gardens in Weatherford.

Jackson and Brooke were so much fun, and a true #byracouple (do people still use hashtags?). They were just so relaxed and trusting with my direction and choices–honestly Jackson was so up for anything, I wanted to just come up with progressively ridiculous setups and prompts to see if I could ever get him to tell me no. 

Our couple was amazing, but let me tell you about the day, because it far exceeded my expectations. We chose the Kimbell Art Museum in Fort Worth because I knew it would give us options for photographing in the rain; the odds of which got progressively worse every time I checked the weather leading up to their session. I was not concerned though, frankly I was ready for the challenge of creating a full session knowing we’d largely be staying under overhangs with maybe a few spare minutes in the open.

Well low and behold, I could actually see some sun when we grabbed some coffee on the way to the session–while it never fully escaped the clouds, we never have a spot of rain and had full use of the museum grounds. Not only that, Brooke and Jackson were so amazing during their session, I could have sworn they’d practiced before coming–these two rocked it.

(Brooke if you’re reading this, I forgot to ask where you got your sweater and boots).

I call this part of the shoot the “Hallmark Movie stills” section

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