Should You Send Your Wedding Photographer an Invitation?

Hello Dearie,

It might sound like a silly question. Why would you send your photographer a wedding invitation? I mean, they know the date and details already, why would they need an invitation? Well, two reasons.

We like feeling involved! We love learning every bit about your wedding and relationship, and receiving our own invitation is icing on the cake! Plus who doesn’t enjoy some unexpected and pretty snail mail?

Invitations are an important detail to your day and photographing them helps complete the full story of the wedding. By sending your wedding photographer an invitation BEFORE the wedding, you do two different things–you have one less item to keep up with the day of the wedding AND your photographer now has the opportunity to photograph the invites ahead of time.

Not everyone has their invitations photographed and that’s ok, but if you’d like them included in telling your wedding story, ya might want to send an envelope your photographer’s way.




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