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Today I’m sharing some tips about venue visits with Bob from Hollow Hill Event Center in Weatherford, Texas (less than an hour west from Fort Worth). This is such a fun wedding (and event!) venue. There’s just so many options, not only where you can have your ceremony or reception, but also the theme or style. You can get married in the woods, go with a european flair in their great hall, rustic with the party barn and Old Town, Spanish inspired at the mission. Seriously so many options, and backed up with a team of people who are so open to your wedding ideas and willing to help bring that vision to life, this is a great venue for your wedding.

What's your background? What you did before this, hobbies, all that jazz.

My background is in the music and corporate A/V industry. Most notably, I was lucky enough to tour with George Strait for 6 brief years. There was too much fun to be had, and I was able to meet and work with some of the most amazing people. As for hobbies, I love going to the mountains, but haven’t been able to get away for quite a while. I’ve taken up riding trails around DFW in the meantime when the weather is nice.

How did Hollow Hill come to be?

Hollow Hill started with my dad building a small town in one of his buildings to have parties in. It turned into a nice addition to a place that lent itself to weddings, and we took it from there.

What is included when a bride books Hollow Hill for her wedding day?

We like to include access to our whole facility, meaning all of our buildings are available, and encouraged for use. We have a spacious dining area connected to a catering kitchen and happy hour hall (the town), our party barn, and an outdoor pavilion with a mission courtyard. We also include our tables, chairs, set up and cleaning. To avoid the bullet point list of all our inclusions, we strongly encourage couples to come out for a tour to really take it all in.

I think venues should be one of the first vendors a couple reaches out to, what they have in mind/know when they contact or tour a venue?

I would say all of the wedding professionals have equal importance in making a successful event, and it is never too early to start talking with your team. For contacting and touring venues, I think it is best to ask yourself if they are people you can work with while planning your wedding.

Any tips for venue visits? Or perhaps for the wedding day?

My biggest tip for venue visits is to communicate. Let places know you are either running late, or need to reschedule, or even plan not to come.

For the wedding day, my tip is to not stress. This is the time for your team to shine.

Anything special brides should know about your venue that you haven't mentioned?

I think one thing I haven’t mentioned, is not to be overwhelmed with options. We have 4 outdoor areas that are commonly used for ceremonies (we still only have one event per day), and have had ceremonies in 6 other places. We try not to have just one way of doing things. After all, it is your wedding, and we work with you to make your vision come true.

Where can brides find you?

To see more images from Hollow Hill, check out Shana and Drew’s rust glam meets disney wedding


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