Stephen & Telle // Sunrise Bride and Groom Beach Session in Santa Cruz

If you saw their wedding blog, you’ll know Stephen and Telle had a beautiful forest wedding at Saratoga Springs, however, that was not always the plan. Originally, they envisioned a beach wedding but thanks to a certain viral condition that shall not be named and the governing powers of beach permits, that wasn’t feasible in the timeframe they wanted to have their wedding.

But I knew how important that image of them on the beach in their wedding attire was to them, so I racked my brain for a few options to still make at least photos on the beach a possibility. Now the day before the wedding wasn’t an option, and the venue was too far from the beach for photos following the ceremony (and they did not do a first look), so that left us with one option: sunrise. The day after. Our flight back home was just late enough that day that we would have time for a short bride and groom session on the beach the morning after the wedding.

Now, when I mention having a portrait session at sunrise, most people go quiet, make a kind of “hah” sound, then tell me no thanks. So imagine my surprise when going over some final details and Stephen and Telle actually said yes to idea of showing up in the early morn’, getting their wedding finery back on, and trekking (ok it was like a block from our rent house) to the beach for portraits.

That little dot in the water is a sea lion!

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